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When it comes to heavy lift cranes, Heavy Lift Solutions has a fleet of quality and well-maintained hydraulic cranes available for hire. We can get you the spider crane you need to complete your job in Port Macquarie as well as throughout Queensland and New South Wales quickly and easily, and we offer both short and long hire contract options. Contact us today!

  • Civil Works - If you have a civil works project involving building or repairing bridges or roads, an off-road crane can be a huge help. These tracked cranes are able to operate in rugged conditions, and a high-quality crane from Heavy Lift Solutions can come straight to your site and help you complete your project. 

  • Debris Removal -In Australia from Sunshine Coast to Sydney and everywhere in between, storms can cause issues with debris. Using a hydraulic crane to remove this debris can help clear roadways and project sites quickly. Additionally, these off-road cranes can go where traditional cranes can't without a problem, and this is great for more remote areas in Ipswich or areas that are difficult to get to in Byron Bay. 

  • Cargo Loading - Planning on loading or unloading cargo in Coffs Harbor or Port Macquarie? Perhaps you have to get your cargo ready to ship to Brisbane or Newcastle. If so, a spider crane can help you quickly move these cargo containers from point A to point B, and this allows you to ship them on time and keep your supply chain running at optimal performance. 

  • Demolition -Need to move heavy items away from a job site once you finish the demolition process? Our crawler cranes can help you move heavy or awkward debris and supplies so you can continue on to the next phase of your project. 

Project Results: What a Crawler Crane Can Achieve in Brisbane, Sydney, and Beyond 

As we mentioned, these multipurpose hydraulic cranes can perform a variety of jobs, no matter if you're in Sunshine Coast, Newcastle, or somewhere else in the country. They include:

In need of a multipurpose crane for your civil works project in New South Wales or Queensland? Perhaps you're considering tackling a job that requires debris removal or loading cargo in Byron Bay or Coffs Harbor. Either way, a crawler crane from Heavy Lift Solutions can help. These heavy lift cranes are also known as spider cranes, and they're capable of performing a variety of jobs to keep your project on time and on budget. 

Since they perform a variety of jobs, they're perfect for remote worksites in Wagga Wagga or Toowoomba. These tracked cranes are also less expensive to transport to and from a job site, and this allows you to allocate this excess funds to other aspects of your project, no matter where you are in Queensland or New South Wales.


What is a Crawler Crane Used For?

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