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If you need a piling rig to complete your pile driving project, Heavy Lifting Solutions offer both long and short-term contracts to our clients. With completed projects in Byron Bay, Coffs Harbor and New South Wales and Queensland, and with hundreds of satisfied customers, it's easy to see why we have such a solid reputation in the civil construction industry. Contact us today and get started.

1. Solid Foundation Piling

Piling rigs have evolved over the past few years, and have become fast, safe and efficient pieces of machinery that help you form solid foundation piling. This foundation piling will support your building structure in Ipswich, Coffs Harbor, or wherever you need it, and will give the project a solid foundation to rest on.

2. Convenience

From Brisbane to Byron Bay, bridges need solid construction and routine maintenance to keep them safe and secure. Also, our mobile slewing crane allows you to quickly and easily shift large amounts of earth or debris, and they come with several attachments that will enable you to stay within your project's deadline.

3. Quiet Operation

Performing a construction project in Sydney or Sunshine Coast with a densely populated area can be very disruptive. However, our crane trucks operate quietly, especially our piling rig. It'll help form your foundation piling without excessive noise carrying to the surrounding buildings, businesses or residences.

4. Higher Reach

Our crawler cranes and barge-mounted cranes can reach higher and handle larger piles than other equipment pieces. This is important when you're tackling bigger-scale projects in Newcastle or Wagga Wagga. Combine this with the lower centre of gravity displayed by crawler cranes, and you find yourself able to achieve a very high maximum pile weight. This adds a layer of stability to your project's foundation.

5. Cost-Effective

When it comes to civil construction and costs, you want to have the most cost-effective plan and equipment in place before, during and throughout the project's lifespan. Our Franna cranes are high-quality and well maintained, and this can help you save money to allocate to other areas of your project. This is great news for more remote job sites in rural areas of Queensland or New South Wales.

Benefits of Using a Crane Truck for Civil Construction Projects

In the civil construction industry, bridge construction and projects that require pile driving are numerous. This is where crawler cranes, mobile slewing cranes and barge-mounted cranes can save you time and money. No matter if your job is in Queensland in Sunshine Coast or Brisbane, or down in New South Wales in Sydney or Wagga Wagga, a piling rig is a must-have piece of heavy equipment.

These pieces are essential for foundation piling, and you want to ensure that the soil will support your bridge construction or building project. They have a variety of other benefits that make them extremely popular in the civil construction industry, and we've hired out Franna cranes all over Brisbane and Toowoomba to Port Macquarie and way beyond. 


Why Cranes are Used in Pile Driving

Why are cranes used in pile driving
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