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Heavy Lift Solution’s crawler crane hire can lift extremely heavy loads safely and efficiently for any major construction project in Queensland and New South Wales.

Heavy Lift Solution’s crawler crane hire combine power with functionality. Our range of crawler cranes for hire is capable of lifting and moving heavy loads from 50 tonnes to up to 700 tonnes, making them well-suited for major construction projects. With a mobile base, a crawler crane can fill the roles of multiple cranes at once and has the flexibility to adapt to the changing workplace with ease. We offer our assorted list of crawler cranes for hire for wet hire and dry hire at affordable rates throughout Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Byron Bay and Sydney.

By using Heavy Lift Solutions’ crawler crane hire, we can help you take care of any major construction project in Brisbane, Sydney and the Gold Coast.

Based in Ballina, HeavyLift Solutions supplies crawler crane hire capable of fulfilling a variety of core services, including steel erection, complex lifts and lift planning. Whether you are a rigger needing a crane on the Gold Coast or demobilising, installing or removing machinery in Byron Bay, HeavyLift Solutions has the range of crawler cranes to suit any lifting project. We always ensure that our cranes are in the best condition before they go out to a site and that each time they are returned they are serviced to ensure plant longevity and to prevent breakdowns on the site.

Crawler Crane

We are always striving to innovate and improve, utilising only the most modern crawler cranes for hire and well-trained operators.

crawler crane at night on site

HeavyLift Solutions prides itself on its excellence and professionalism. Our crawler cranes for hire are driven by experts in construction and crane operation. Our specialist operators are trained in onsite health and safety protocols and procedures. Whether you need steel erection, complex lifts or lift planning, our operators can help. We value passion, reliability and expertise as core components of our team, and apply this to everything that we do. When you choose our crawler crane hire, we give our all to the project and work tirelessly alongside you to fulfil your project’s goals down to every detail.

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If you need a crawler crane for a construction project in Sydney, Brisbane, Byron Bay, Ballina, Newcastle and more, don’t hesitate to contact HeavyLift Solutions today. We can provide crawler crane hire Australia-wide. We’ll supply you with a free quote on our wet hire and dry hire rates. If you have any further question, do not hesitate to make an inquiry below.

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