A complex lift is a non-routine crane lift that requires large amounts of detailed planning for its execution. These lifts can also refer to lifts that require additional or unusual safety precautions in order to move an object without incident. 

Examples of complex lifts include loads with unusual weight distribution and centres of gravity, lifts that require more than one crane, obscured view of the lift by the crane operator, lifting humans, lifting loads that are partially or fully submerged, and lifting hazardous materials.

What is a Complex Lift?

Mobile slewing cranes are a specialist type of crane that remains stationary while the arm of the crane lift its load, suspends it in mid-air, and is rotated via the crane boom before being lowered into place.

Mobile slewing cranes are wheeled cranes that can be moved over multiple different terrains. The arm of a mobile slewing crane can be rotated 360° in order for it to deposit items wherever necessary. This differs to a non-slewing crane where the arm is fixed in place, and the entirety of the crane moves in order to move the load from location to location.

What is a Mobile Slewing Crane?

A barge-mounted crane is a floating crane that is used for offshore structural engineering. These cranes can either be permanently attached to the barge or temporarily mounted to them for the duration of the lift in order to tailor the lifting strength needed to the project.

Barge mounted cranes are necessities for any lifting project that requires the use of a crane over water including offshore construction and the installation of pylons for construction support. They can also be used when working close to banks where it would be too dangerous for a normal or spider crane to maneuver and lift in the area.

How can I use a Barge Mounted Crane?

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