Franna/Non-Slewing Crane Hire

We offer franna hire from 15t - 55t across Australia with reliable transport solutions.

HeavyLift Solutions offers franna cranes for hire and non-slewing cranes for hire to complete moderately sized construction projects throughout Queensland and New South Wales.

HeavyLift Solutions services and maintains franna cranes and other non-slewing cranes for hire for use throughout Queensland and New South Wales. Franna cranes are a type of non-slewing mobile crane designed to navigate public road systems and highways safely with a wide range of different loads. Franna cranes, therefore, are best suited for working on roadside projects or close to other buildings such as homes or businesses. At HeavyLift Solutions, our franna crane hire and non-slewing crane hire are available for both wet hire and dry hire. We only hire the operators best suited to achieving your project goals as safely and efficiently as possible.

At HeavyLift Solutions, we only supply franna and non-slewing cranes that have been properly serviced and suits the project at hand.

Our franna cranes are perfect for a wide range of applications across various projects, and we only use the most modern equipment and techniques to ensure optimal performance and avoid breakdowns occurring onsite. Our versatile franna cranes for hire are ideal for carrying smaller loads from location to location and range from 11 tonne SWL cranes to 200 tonne SWL cranes. Franna cranes and most non-slewing cranes are designed to be used on firm, flat surfaces.

Franna Crane

Available for projects all throughout the Central and North Central Coast, HeavyLift Solutions provides you with the means to complete your medium construction project with efficiency and safety.


HeavyLift Solutions services projects from the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Toowoomba and the Gold Coast, down to Newcastle, Coffs Harbour and Sydney. No matter what you need to move, if our cranes can carry it, we can help. Our modern franna and non-slewing cranes for hire are available for wet hire and dry hire, and our operators are specially trained to utilise our cranes professionally and safely.

Contact HeavyLift Solutions today for more information on our franna crane hire and non-slewing crane hire.

If you have a construction or other civil project from Sydney to Brisbane and need a moderately sized mobile crane to assist you, don’t hesitate to contact HeavyLift Solutions today. We can even supply franna hire across Australia. We’ll supply you with a free quote on our wet hire and dry hire rates. If you have any further question, do not hesitate to make an inquiry below.

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