Rough Terrain Crane Hire

HeavyLift Solutions supplies clients throughout Sydney, Newcastle, Port Macquarie, Ballina and Brisbane with rough terrain crane hire solutions for all types of construction projects.

Rough terrain cranes are even more suited to tackling harsh environments and site locations than all-terrain cranes. With outriggers used to stabilise the crane for hoisting on uneven and inclined terrain, HeavyLift Solution’s rough terrain cranes for hire can get your Brisbane, Ballina, Newcastle or Sydney project moving again. Regardless of whether your work site is covered in uneven surfaces, rocks or mud, our rough terrain cranes for hire can lock themselves down and operate in any weather conditions.

A dedicated and specialised platform for providing crane operations to job sites in uneven or difficult terrain, Heavy lift Solutions’ rough terrain crane hire is the right solution for your Brisbane, Ballina, Newcastle or Sydney’s project’s needs.

With a compact frame, HeavyLift Solutions’ rough terrain cranes for hire can fit into areas that other cranes cannot fit. Our rough terrain crane hire allows HeavyLift Solutions to enter difficult terrain and perform crane operations with ease. Perfect for accessing sites with no road access, uneven ground and unimproved worksites, our rough terrain cranes are built with stable and sturdy outriggers that are easy to set up and provide maximum stability when lifting loads.

Rough Terrain crane view from the ground looking up

HeavyLift Solutions’ rough terrain cranes for hire are useful throughout the rugged Australian landscape and are a cost-effective alternative to crawler cranes for projects throughout Queensland and New South Wales.

Rough Terrain-crane-and-large-excavator-at-quarry-site

HeavyLift Solutions’ rough terrain cranes for hire are operated by the premier experts in construction, carrying over 20 years of experience in the industry with them. You can be sure that our experience and expertise in our crane hire services are extensive and our specialist operators are comprehensively trained in onsite health and safety protocols and procedures. When you choose our rough terrain crane hire, we give our all to the project and work tirelessly alongside you to fulfil your project’s goals down to every detail.

We provide rough terrain crane hire Australia-wide. 

Ask us about our affordable transport solutions today.

HeavyLift Solutions offers its rough terrain cranes for hire at affordable rates for projects across New South Wales and Queensland.

Contact HeavyLift Solutions today for a free quote on our rough terrain cranes for hire, and an overview of how we can use them to get your project moving again. If you have any questions regarding any of our services, feel free to make an inquiry and one of our friendly staff will respond as soon as we can.

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