Straight Boom Lift Hire

HeavyLift Solutions is offering straight boom lift hire for heavy-load lifting applications and projects from Brisbane to Sydney and everywhere in-between.

For strong, durable and reliable lifting solutions for a diverse range of different applications, look no further than HeavyLift Solutions’ straight boom lift hire. Our straight boom lift hire can reach out across the large horizontal distances that other EWPs such as scissor lifts and articulating boom lifts can’t reach. We provide a strong and stable elevated work platform to perform maintenance, construction, renovating and more. Our straight boom lift for hire offers extensive safety features to create a high-quality work environment.

HeavyLift Solutions’ straight boom lift hire is well suited to providing an elevated work platform for steel erecting, cladding, roofing and bridge building projects.

When you need to reach across a great distance, whether vertically or horizontally, HeavyLift Solutions has the EWP hire solution for you. Also known as a telescopic boom lift, our straight boom lift hire is specialised in providing lifting solutions to areas you would not normally be able to reach. Our boom lift hire solution can provide stable, affordable and safe access to out of reach areas for all sorts of construction projects, including steel erecting, roofing, cladding and bridge building.

Straight Arm Boom in use on site

Our straight boom lift hire is available throughout Queensland and New South Wales, including Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Ballina, Port Macquarie and Sydney.

Trucks, Crane, Excavator

Based out of Ballina, HeavyLift Solutions can deliver our straight boom lifts for hire to Brisbane, Sydney and everywhere in between. By hiring from HeavyLift Solutions, you’re choosing a company with over 20 years in the crane plant hire industry. No matter the size of the project you are working on, if you need access to a hard-to-reach location, we’ll provide the telescopic boom lift hire to get there.

Straight boom lift hire available Australia-wide.

Need an EWP with the capability to access locations normally out of reach, either vertically or horizontally? HeavyLift Solutions can provide you with a sturdy, reliable and safe straight boom lift available for hire in Queensland and New South Wales.

If you would like to hear more about our straight boom lifts for hire, contact us today and receive a free quote on our hire rates. Or if you have an inquiry about any of our services, do not hesitate to ask us by filling out an inquiry form. One of our friendly staff members will reply as soon as we can.

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